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When you work as a freelancer, some tasks may appear as a daunting job. Being miles away from what you consider your most important undertakings, side tasks like invoicing, expense reporting, time tracking, and other business management activities make you feel like you are in an unfamiliar territory. Yet, such tasks are important to keep your business running smoothly.

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If you do these activities manually, your productivity can eventually drop. Therefore, the best way to deal with this issue is automation. There are plenty of apps on the market that will enable you to manage time tracking and invoicing activities with the help of different tools.

So, in the write-up below, I will discuss 10 great invoicing and time tracking apps. Let’s take a look.


FreshBooks enables web design and development teams and freelancers in dealing with their business accounting needs. If you feel invoicing and expense reporting is taking up too much of your time, you might consider giving this cloud-based accounting app a try.


You can try FreshBooks for 30 days at no charge. Creating and sending invoices is quite easy with no formatting or formulas required. You can add your own brand color(s) and logo and can also arrange to receive payments online through a couple of clicks.

Other FreshBooks features include a dashboard where you can see how the accounting side of your business is doing, plus expense and time tracking functions, and FreshBooks’s mobile app to take pictures of receipts and load them directly into the system.

Memory by Timely

A time tracker that tracks everything you’ve worked on, including every file, every website visited or app you’ve used, and present it all in an organized timeline.

memory by timelymemory by timely

With Memory by Timely, you can show your clients exactly what they are paying for, which is what they want to see. Plus, this app also shows how the teams are spending the project’s budget.

Futuramo Time Tracker

With Futuramo Time Tracker, you don’t have to guess how many hours your pet project consumed this month or wrongly estimating a project’s planned completion date. This cloud-based time-tracking app, which is suitable for individuals as well as large teams, features advanced statistics software that provides insights into your own or your team’s daily work habits.

futuramo time trackerfuturamo time tracker

You can track time by client, by project, or by date range. Time can be tracked automatically or manually; and if you’ve neglected to track a past event, you can enter the information manually. Tracking multiple projects at once is not a problem either. Futuramo Time Tracker free for up to 3 users.



Avaza’s total business management software package was designed with creative agencies in mind. Its features include invoicing, project billing and budgeting support, task management, and collaboration. Avaza Expenses feature helps manage staff expenses, while Avaza Timesheets provides all the time tracking, billing, and reporting information you need.

With Avaza, you can integrate with more than 500 apps that can help you to better run your business. You can sign up for free, and no credit card is required.


Timing is one of the time tracking Mac apps for freelancers. It comes with pre-defined tracking categories; but you can also other categories like meetings and phone calls. You can track as many projects as you want, the dashboard shows you what you’ve done and where you’ve been the most productive, and you can also export the data to create invoices.


Timing is a native Mac time tracker that you can try for free for 14 days simply by downloading it.


Elorus is an online billing and invoicing application that’s free to use for professionals dealing with up to 3 clients or suppliers per month. The number of invoices you send to each client is, however, unlimited.


A popular and impressive feature of this app is its private client portal. You can invite one or more clients to view their transaction history, download invoices, and make payments online. Elorus is ideal for freelancers and small businesses and agencies.


ClickTime helps you keep your project on budget by providing you with the tools needed to manage project costs together with custom time tracking solutions and its interactive resource planning dashboard.


You can also track project activities and manage expenses while away from the office with ClickTime’s free mobile companion apps. Three plans are available on this app, each with a 30-day free trial.


Paymo helps you manage your projects from the conceptual stage through delivery. It automates planning, task and resource scheduling, and task assignment. Paymo also tracks work time, issues invoices when work is completed.


Paymo generates reports for monitoring performance and for future planning activities. Its mobile app is available that allows you to monitor activity or make changes while on the go.

Free Invoice Generator

With Free Invoice Generator, you enter your data and receive a professional looking invoice in PDF format via email that is ready to be forwarded to your client at no charge.

free invoice generatorfree invoice generator

Free Invoice Generator is a Hiveage product, and you can visit the website for information regarding their advanced client management features.


If you want more functionality than just a basic time tracking tool, try Trigger. With this app you can track time, manage projects, collaborate with your design team, produce management reports, invoice (direct to Xero), and much more.


Trigger helps you combine data for companies, projects, tasks, target hours, logged hours, average hours per employee and so on. You also have the option to invite clients into Trigger (for free) for greater transparency and easier reporting.


Now you have the ins and outs of best time tracking, invoicing and project management tools. It might be challenging to make a choice, considering the quality of all presented apps. You could conceivably make a second-best choice, but definitely not a poor one.

Take advantage of the free trial offers. It will help you settle on the best possible solution to fit your needs.

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