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Tattoos carry a long and colorful history as markers of a rite of passage, as a sign of status or punishment, and in some cultures as a mark of protection to ward off evil. These days, however, we get tattoos under more voluntary circumstances, for artistic or sentimental reasons, or sometimes on a dare.

Tattoos are on many respectable bucket lists but no one plans to go down with a tattoo they are going to regret. If a tattoo is on your bucket list, remember that tattoos don’t have to be loud, big or flashy to look good on you. In fact, we’re going to show you 114 simple yet elegant tattoos that will look just as great.


The best gifts come wrapped in beautiful bows, so it’s no wonder that bow tattoos are a common favorite.

IMAGE: tatooideas247
IMAGE: love is the strangest feeling
IMAGE: elynarscott
IMAGE: Amy Grisham
IMAGE: Brin Monette


Get a tattoo inspired by the softer and beautiful side of nature with trees, rainbows, flowers and more.

IMAGE: Tattoologist
IMAGE: evanescere
IMAGE: So Crazy Dream
IMAGE: Vicky Lea
IMAGE: Alexandra Krause
IMAGE: Tattoologist
IMAGE: Tattoologist
IMAGE: Jojo Neli
IMAGE: Sienna Lowe
IMAGE: Emmanuel Ponce
IMAGE: Gisele Gallie
IMAGE: Tattoo Ideas
IMAGE: Paula Gonzalez


When words do not suffice, lines can give meaning to the abstract, like how these tattoos do.

IMAGE: Tattoologist
IMAGE: Chan Wing
IMAGE: Amanda Mazzolini
IMAGE: Maša Bratkovič
IMAGE: Hunter Logan
IMAGE: Small X Tattoos
IMAGE: Tattoologist
IMAGE: Tattoologist
IMAGE: Tattoologist
IMAGE: kaayink
IMAGE: josefinecramer

Symbols & Text

Tattoos don’t always have to have a deep meaning. Sometimes simple symbols and short text keep it real.

IMAGE: a-tattooed-flying-bird
IMAGE: tiny_tasteful_tattoos
IMAGE: this_is_grunge_
IMAGE: My Blue Canoe
IMAGE: experimentalcircleclub
IMAGE: piccsy
IMAGE: Manao Patcharapee 
IMAGE: Cloum Cloum
IMAGE: little tattoos
IMAGE: Sandra Sands
IMAGE: Elaine Zhang
IMAGE: Caitlin Fitzpatrick
IMAGE: Tarrah White
IMAGE: kris1803
IMAGE: rachjax
IMAGE: littletattoos_x
IMAGE: beebiddy
IMAGE: k_00x
IMAGE: littletattoolove
IMAGE: Into The Gloss

Planets & Constellations

Planetary alignments and constellations are also great ideas for simple and elegant-looking tattoos. Here are some examples.

IMAGE: littletattoos_x
IMAGE: Design Milk
IMAGE: Philippa Velhinho
IMAGE: Tattoologist
IMAGE: Kaleidoscope Eyes
IMAGE: m-i-s-o
IMAGE: Major Rose


Whether you are a musician or one who just loves music, you can always keep your love of music close with a tattoo of a musical note.

IMAGE: Paige Kallevig
IMAGE: _esthart_
IMAGE: Rate My Ink
IMAGE: danyleon


Can’t decide what quote to base your life motto on? Go with a simple shape like a star, heart or geometric shapes instead.

IMAGE: DaChelle Hickman
IMAGE: Stéphanie Pertoldi
IMAGE: Jossué Sanabria
IMAGE: Hanna Edström
IMAGE: didyoubelieve

IMAGE: gracejuneau
IMAGE: valkung
IMAGE: arefinaria
IMAGE: samanthathathatha
IMAGE: theritztorubble
IMAGE: Melissa Victoria
IMAGE: Tattoologist


A favorite among tattoo lovers, animal tattoos are symbolic of our love for our favorite animals.

IMAGE: Tattoologist
IMAGE: jsuhn
IMAGE: Elia Hernandez
IMAGE: Kendra Ferguson
IMAGE: krolinktattoo
IMAGE: littletattooideas
IMAGE: Pintsized Permanence
IMAGE: My Awesome Nightmares
IMAGE: Sula Chalifour
IMAGE: Major Rose
IMAGE: Cassandra Nieves
IMAGE: Rate My Ink
IMAGE: Vesna Iveti&#263
IMAGE: Mirhonda Green
IMAGE: Bea Beita Bei
IMAGE: EricAmanda Marcum
IMAGE: Tymeka Lawson
IMAGE: Maurilio Oliveira
IMAGE: sineadlemonade86

Pop Culture

If you love games and tech, or are a movie buff, here are some great ideas on how to show your love for your favorite things.

IMAGE: Natalie Toderan
IMAGE: Ben Moore
IMAGE: Vicky Lea
IMAGE: Kate DeFrancisco
IMAGE: Nicole Harris
IMAGE: Tarrah White
IMAGE: Susan ODonnell
IMAGE: Christina Lchpll
IMAGE: Jeanette Gamble


Here are some other tattoo ideas that don’t need a category to be cool.

IMAGE: deadgirls
IMAGE: Lenora Hendley
IMAGE: tiny_tasteful_tattoos
IMAGE: inkunderyourskin
IMAGE: Stacey Bauer
IMAGE: Jason Connor
IMAGE: Genna Cooper
IMAGE: tinytattoos
IMAGE: Tattoologist
IMAGE: wayaiu
IMAGE: hina_88

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