1 February 2016,
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As modern technologies become more intuitive, manufacturers create devices which can be activated and controlled by touch, specific gestures, and even your own voice. Today we decided to share with you a list of innovative tech gadgets which can be activated by the sound of your voice.

These voice-activated gadgets range from voice-commanded light fixtures that make traditional switches a thing of the past to voice-controlled smart watches and a listening personal assistant that talks back! So, scroll down and enjoy these gadgets that will have you tongue-tied.

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1. Skully Smart Helmet

From smartphones, smartwatches to smart TVs, we are now seeing smart helmets! The Skully Smart Helmet is aimed to make motorcycle riding safer. The helmet is equipped with a heads-up display system with GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, a full 180-degree rear view camera, and it’s all voice-controlled. [Pre-order at $1499]

You can see how the helmet works in real life in this video.

2. Homey

The Homey glowing orb is a product that will connect all your devices so you can manage them with the sound of your voice. With Homey you can adjust things like your Facebook statuses, light switches, thermostats, and more from one console. You can even give commands a few rooms away from the orb. [€299]

Watch the video to see Homey in action.

3. Ivee

Have you ever asked your morning alarm to shut up? And of course it never listens. Ivee is a smart alarm clock that does. You can turn it on or off with your voice. It also provides you with all your needed morning info, like news, weather, stocks, and more. [$199]

You can see how this voice-activated alarm smart works in the video below.

4. Sony SmartWatch 3

This smartwatch from Sony is all about voice control. It can assist you with details about weather, making hotel reservations, directions and more. What it can’t help you with the look of faces on the passers-by as they stare at you talking to your watch a lot. [$249]

I managed to find an in-depth review of this watch, so you can see how it works.

5. Samsung Smart TV

No more searching for the remote contorl, this should be how all TVs of the future function. You can operate your TV without pushing a button. Turn it on or off, change channels, access apps, and navigate the web on your TV using your voice. [$749-3499]

See the video below to discover more features.

6. Listnr: Your Listening Assistant

Listnr is your listening assistant. It reacts to claps, music, knocks, and even your voice. It will analyze what your baby said, recognize 4 types of expressions, and send notifications to your phone. This was a Kickstarter project until it was suspended in early March. The creators have since decided to produce Listnr without Kickstarter funding. The first shipment will arrive in fall. [not available to buy yet]

In this quite funny video you can see how Listnr works, in images.

7. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is something like Siri for your home. Echo can be activated with a special password, after which, you can dictate shopping lists, ask about the weather, stocks, news, or anything else that you might normally turn to Google for. [$199]

This item is my favourite in this collection. The Amazon Echo can play music, read your cooking recipes, check weather and time, answer questions, and a lot more things! See yourself!

8. Vocca Light

Vocca is a light switch that can turn any old lightbulb into a voice-activated one. No more fumbling in the dark to turn on the lights. It comes with a mobile app for managing your light bulbs, so you can schedule your lights on and off, or control them with your own voice. [$39.70]

Don’t argue about whose turn it is to turn of the lights. Vocca is here to solve this issue for good!

9. Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control

You can use your voice to control your home temperature via this Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostat. Alternatively, you can also use your smartphone, tablet or computer to make things warm and cozy. [$275]

See how to install and use this smart thermostat in the video below.

10. Moto Hint

Moto Hint is an accessory from Motorola which allows you to control your phone through a voice-activated earbud. You can keep the phone in your bag or pocket and let your voice do the rest. [$149.99]

The video review below is really detailed and helpful. You can see the voice-command features in action.

11. Plantronics K100 Bluetooth Speakerphone

This Bluetooth speaker is designed to be clipped onto your car’s visor. It has echo cancellation, making calls clearer on both ends. Also, the in-car speakerphone allows you to stream music and podcasts through its A2DP-enabled phones. Its hands-free feature also means safer driving. [$64.19]

This review shows it in action.

12. Cubic Robotics

Cubic works just like Amazon Echo, except it has a personality that you can converse with. It can manage your devices and apps, search the information you asked through the web, and emotionally support any interaction. Its Indiegogo fundraiser was a success and the first batch will be delivered end of 2015. [not available to buy yet]

The Cubic is similar to Amazon Echo, just differently designed. See for yourself in the video below.

13. LG Vacuum Cleaner

This is a cool vacuum cleaner for your home, one which can be activated and controlled by your voice! It has virtual walls and works quietly while you rest. Just order it to clean and it rids your hard surfaces and carpets of dirt dust and pet hair. You can run a few patterns of cleaning including spot cleaning for lifting dirt from filthy areas.[$709]

14. Dragon Drive

You can write emails while you drive — using your voice, I mean! Dragon Drive lets you dictate messages and emails while you drive with both hands on the wheel. BMW not included though. [$199.99]

The video below shows how the Dragon Drive works.

15. Girl Tech Password Journal 8

Finally, here’s one for tech savvy girls looking for a safe outlet to vent their thoughts and opinions. This modern girly diary keep secrets better than any other diaries made before. It’s activated by the owner’s voice. You need to say your password out loud to open the diary. [£17.99]

Here’s a review done by a little girl.

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