4 September 2020,
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They say that "home is where the heart is", still, it doesn’t hurt to have your home decorated the way you want it. There are plenty of ways that you can make your place more comfortable such as by installing light fixtures or by transforming the extra space under your stairs. What matters ultimately are the details.

Whether you’re drinking a beverage yourself or have a few guests over, coasters are just one of the tiny details that can tie your decor together . They’re also important for keeping moisture off your nice furniture too.

From interactive coasters that are sensitive to heat to handy ones that let you write on them, these neat drink coasters I’ve put together today will bring a creative touch to table tops. Have a look at this showcase of 20 creative mug coasters for your inspiration.

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Typewriter Coaster

Here is a set of beautiful coasters in the form of a vintage typewriter. They feature rubber non-slip pads and can be a great accessory for a retro or steampunk fan.

Bread-Shaped Coasters

You must have seen cork coasters but this set will definitely put a smile on your face. Making a good use of the brown grainy texture of the cork, these are made in the shape of toasted bread. A fun addition to your dining table.

Bread-Shaped CoastersBread-Shaped Coasters
3D Death Star Coaster

StarWars fans would love this interesting set of 9 coasters that when stacked up, make the image of the Death Star. The coasters are made of glass and come with grip footing to keep them from slipping.

3D Death Star Coaster3D Death Star Coaster
Wood Slices Coaster

For the people who love natural materials, these real wood slice coasters would be a lovely and useful accents. Made with high-quality pine tree wood, you can even customize these coasters with paint or carving.

Wood Slices CoasterWood Slices Coaster
Felt Coasters

For the coffee lover, here is a set of industrial felt mug coasters. You can buy these coasters in light gray, dark greay, black color.

Felt CoastersFelt Coasters
Grab & Go Coasters

These 4 vivid rubber coasters may not look like much but they’re definitely handy. The Grab & Go coasters stick to your glass or a jar, so you can walk around with your drink and put it on different surfaces without having to worry about condensation.

Pallet Coasters

Think your drinks need a bit more of a lift? Made of high-quality recycled wood, these coasters are suitable for any hot and cold drinks.

Slate Coaster Set

These coasters can not only withstand a range of temperatures you can even personalize them as they’re made of slate. Elegant and versatile which makes it perfect for guests too.

Slate Coaster SetSlate Coaster Set
Shotgun Shell Coaster Set

This heavy duty coaster resembles the stock of a gun and has 12-gauge’s worth of protection for your drink and table top. Definitely a bulls-eye for any hunter or cowboy.

Leaf Coasters

If you’re interested in bringing some tropical vibes into your household, these leaf coasters would do quite well. Don’t they look life-like?

Rubber Lace Coasters

Whether for yourself or as a gift for someone close to you, these vintage looking coasters take you a step back back in time. Cute pastel colors give it a modern yet classy touch.

Radioactive Elements Glowing Coaster Set

If you’re a chemistry geek, these are some coasters worth considering. They feature different radioactive elements and as one would expect, they glow in the dark.

Record Coasters

For you music lovers, these record coasters will have you spinning from excitement. Unfortunately, they don’t come with music but are still a cool way to keep your furniture spotless.

Bergino Baseball Turf Coasters

If you’d love to have a piece of summer with you all year around, these baseball inspired lawn coasters are for you. You’d be able to plant your mug nicely onto these coasters which comes in sets of four 3×3 squares.

Clumsy Coaster

This clever set of 4 coasters gives the illusion of spilled water underneath drink glasses. It’s crafted out of soft, transparent plastic that is completely waterproof and is perfect for pranks.

Drinks Are On Me Coasters

This set of 4 funny coasters proclaiming “Drinks are on me!” would be a great addition to any party. Just make sure that you’ve got enough to go around.

Sketch Coasters

There’s nothing sketchy about these adorable coasters. These 4 silicone coasters look like sketches of cups and glasses and can also be used for other things besides cups.

Map Coasters

Here’s one more coaster set that can be customized. The map can be chosen depending on your location and shows topographical information covering about 9 square miles.

Custom Instagram Coasters

If you want something that’s even more personal, this service allows you to create the coasters with your own Instagram shots. Just think of the possibilities.

Stælla | Product Design

These coasters are just a concept unfortunately but I could not resist featuring them as they look so cute! Made in the form of a pillow, you can use them on multiple surfaces and the material that it’s made from can withstand different temperatures.


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