13 February 2019,
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Unlike proportional fonts, monospaced fonts consist of characters that all have the same width. This unique characteristic of monospaced fonts makes it easy to quickly tell the number of characters there are in a line, which incidentally is one of the advantages monospaced fonts have over proportional fonts. Monospaced fonts also tend to make text easier to read, thanks to their uniformity and consistency.

It’s precisely because of the simplicity, consistency, and practicality that monospaced fonts are a popular choice among web designers, developers, and programmers in general. With that in mind, we would like to share with you today a collection of 20 monospaced fonts you can get for free.

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Please click on the links provided to download any of them.

#1 Cousine
#2 Source Code Pro
#3 Skyhook Mono
#4 Anonymous Pro
#5 Telegrama Raw
#6 DejaVu Sans
#7 TeXGyreCursor
#8 Audimat Mono
#9 FreeMono
#10 NotCourierSans
#11 Droid Sans Mono
#12 Oxygen Mono
#13 Tye Paloon
#14 Cutive Mono
#15 Lekton
#16 Ubuntu Mono
#17 BPmono
#18 CP Mono
#19 Liberation
#20 PT Mono

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