15 April 2020,
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Do you still remember what your very first music player or game console looked like? With the current rate at which things are becoming obsolete, manufacturers have been coming up with creative ideas in incorporating nostalgic elements in their products.

From vintage-looking iPhone cases and earphones to funny-looking styluses, you’ll see that combining the old and the new produces a rather refreshing result.

One can see this as a way of paying tribute to the nostalgic and iconic styles of the past. But cool retro designs are not all there is to it – you may be surprised at the functionalities these gadgets offer as well. Without further ado, here’s our collection of 20 awesome retro gadgets for your iPhone. Time for a blast from the past.

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Tape Cassette iPhone Case

Love listening to music on your phone? Complete the illusion with this retro cassette iPhone case. Takes you back, doesn’t it?

Retro Desk Model Telephone

Enjoy the comfort of using a landline telephone (which won’t burn up no matter how long you talk on it) wherever you are. Especially useful for long calls.

Retro  Desk Model TelephonRetro  Desk Model Telephon
iBell iPhone Alarm Clock Cradle

Turn your iPhone into an iconic classic alarm clock (complete with Chrome bells) with this little gadget.

iBell iPhone Alarm Clock CradleiBell iPhone Alarm Clock Cradle
Macintosh iPhone Case

Are you a hardcore Apple fan? With this case, you almost certainly are.

Macintosh iPhone CaseMacintosh iPhone Case
NES iPhone Casing

Awww look. Your childhood toy and your current toy vying for your attention together. Love Nintendo? This will do.

NES iPhone CasingNES iPhone Casing
Vintage Radio Case

Go vintage with this iPhone case. Available in white and black, it is also waterproof and resistant to sunlight.

Vintage Radio CaseVintage Radio Case
The Impossible Instant Photo Lab

The Photo Lab lets you print the photos that you want on the spot. Edit, filter and spruce up your pictures all you like then print it on a polaroid with this contraption.

The Impossible Instant Photo LabThe Impossible Instant Photo Lab
LEGO inspired iPhone Case

Here’s a colorful lego-inspired protective case for your iPhone. You can get it for any iPhone model i.e. iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, X, XS Max, XR, 8, 8+,7, 7+, 6S, 6, 6S+, 6+, 5C, 5, 5S, 5SE, 4S, and 4.

LEGO inspired iPhone CaseLEGO inspired iPhone Case
Pencil Touchscreen Stylus

Finally a stylus big enough to grip through gloves during winter time.

Pencil Touchscreen StylusPencil Touchscreen Stylus
Funneled LP iPhone Amps

Showcase your playlist with this sound amplifier. It takes up quite a bit of room on your desk but it’s probably worth it for some great music.

Funneled LP iPhone AmpsFunneled LP iPhone Amps
Retro TV Shape Mobile Phone Holder

For the lovers of all things retro, here’s a vintage TV-shaped mobile phone case. The best part are the tiny legs attached to this case so you can put it anywhere and use your phone like a TV.

Retro TV Shape Mobile Phone HolderRetro TV Shape Mobile Phone Holder
UnnFiko Wallet Case

A cute camera-shaped iPhone case that doubles as a wallet. You can use it to put your cards and paper money and carry it around through a shoulder strap.

UnnFiko Wallet CaseUnnFiko Wallet Case
Gameboy Case for iPhone

No matter how many games you play in your phone, the fun of a game boy will never get old. Here’s an iphone case that’s also a fully funtioning game boy so you play famous retro games and also keep your phone protected.

Gameboy Case for iPhoneGameboy Case for iPhone
Genuine Leather Case for iPhone

A cool iphone case that looks like a small book and doubles as a wallet. The case is made of leather and is handcrafted to perfection.

Genuine Leather Case for iPhoneGenuine Leather Case for iPhone
Retro brick casing

The days of those bulky cordless phones are gone, but you can still bring those back in the form of this unique iPhone case. The case is made with soft silicone material and come in two colors – black and bubble pink.

Retro brick casingRetro brick casing
Retro Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This shiny retro-looking bluetooth speaker is just what you need for your home or office. The speakher is powerful, wireless, and compact and can be connected with Android and iOS.

Retro Wireless Portable Bluetooth SpeakerRetro Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker
iPhone Screen Amplifier

Turn your phone’s small screen into a big one with this amazing screen magnifier designed as a vintage TV set. It is compatible with all models of mobile phones, is easy to use and can magnify your phone’s screen 4 times the size!

iPhone Screen AmplifieriPhone Screen Amplifier
Retro Tech Multi Station

When you combine a wireless charging dock, clock, radio, a bluetooth speaker and a beautiful retro finish, then you get this amazing device. You can use it with any phone model and has a long-lasting back up power.

Retro Tech Multi StationRetro Tech Multi Station
Nokiya Classic Silicone Case

An iPhone case shaped like a classic Nokia phone, The case is made of durable yet soft silicon material and comes in two color options.

Nokiya Classic Silicone CaseNokiya Classic Silicone Case
BGJOY Portable Wireless Retro Speaker

Here’s a wireless Bluetooth speaker shaped like an old school gramophone. The speaker is compatible with iPhone, Samsung, PC, Laptop, and Ehco dot.

BGJOY Portable Wireless Retro SpeakerBGJOY Portable Wireless Retro Speaker

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