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Sometimes you don’t want to launch Photoshop just for a task as simple as image resizing. For that matter you can use the free online image resizing services. Some of these sites offer only resizing feature, while others go as far as customized cropping and even batch image editing functions.

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Give Photoshop a rest and try out any of these 30 photo resizing tools listed as follows, that are perfect for quick photo resizing.

  1. PicResize – PicResize allows you to resize pictures based on the preset percentage of the actual image or a custom size. You can also add special effects, crop images, and rotate images.
  2. ImageResize – Similar to PicResize, this tools also lets you resize the image based on the percentage or custom size.
  3. Web Resizer – A handy tool to make multiple types of edits, such as crop, sharpen, compress, and resize, etc. It also has support for bulk image processing.
  4. LunaPic Resizer – LunaPic is a popular image editor with hundreds of editing tools in its arsenal. Its image resizer is also very good and lets you resize the image using both custom parameters and grab-and-drag feature.
  5. Social Image Resizer Tool – This image resizer is dedicated to resizing images for social media websites, including Facebook, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also provide a custom size if needed.
    Social Image Resizer ToolSocial Image Resizer Tool
  6. BeFunky – It offers a Flash-based image editor with resizing tool that lets you use select percentage or pixel for resizing.
  7. PicGhost – You can edit up to 40 images at a time and use both custom and preset ranges to resize images. It can even resize according to the size of an example image.
  8. Reduce Images – A handy quick tool to both compress and resize an image.
  9. Quick Thumbnail – As the name suggests, Quick Thumbnail lets you quickly resize, add a filter, and add watermark to a picture and download it. I also really liked its preset resize ratio that was specifically created for different web apps and monitors.
  10. Resize Photos – Although a nice and easy to use resize tool, but it only lets you scale images based on width; you can’t stretch images.
    Resize PhotosResize Photos
  11. ResizeImage.net – Apart from resizing based on percentage and custom size, it can also fill background with a single color or make it transparent to prevent distortion.
  12. Simple Image Resizer – A quick resizer tool that lets you use a slider to quickly adjust required size of the image.
    Simple Image ResizerSimple Image Resizer
  13. Resize It – You can only resize to a preset size provided and also have to confirm whether the photo is portrait or landscape.
  14. Shrink Pictures – This tool also only lets you scale images based on width, and you can compress and add special effects.
  15. B.I.R.M.E – B.I.R.M.E (Batch Image Resizing Made Easy) lets you batch resize images and crop them. You can also customize border and image quality.
  16. Bulk Resize Photos – An interactive image resizer tool that offers bulk image resizing along with multiple resizing methods.
  17. JimZim – A rather simple image resizing online tool with support for custom size and compression. Although maximum image size is limited to 6MB.
  18. Resize Pic Online – An easy to use photo resizer tool that uses sliders to adjust size, quality, and format. It also has bulk image processing support.
    Resize Pic OnlineResize Pic Online
  19. Toolur – Although its focus is more on compressing images with different types of compression methods, but Toolur also lets you define width and height if the compressed image. It’s support for 25 image bulk processing is handy as well.
  20. Image Optimizer – Another simple tool to optimize the quality of image and resize it using custom width and height pixels.
  21. IMGonline – IMGonline should work better in the hands of an advanced user, but it works fine for novice users as well. Apart from basic resizing it also lets you control interpolation, DPI, and EXIF data.
  22. Resizr – Resizr offers a bunch of tools on a single page, including ability resize, crop, add effects, adjust brightness, and sharpen image. I am sure you will really like its handy slider and real-time preview of image that gets updated as you make the changes.
  23. GooEdit – This is actually a Chrome extension that lets you resize images that you find on web pages in its online HTML 5 editor. You can also upload your own images from the PC.
  24. JPEG Optimizer – Yet another simple tool that lets you both resize and compress images. However, you can only scale images based on width.
  25. Raw.Pics.io – This is basically a converter for RAW images to a standard format like JPG or PNG. Although while converting it also lets you resize them to your preferred size.
  26. Designhill Image Resizer – The cool thing about this simple image resizer is its real-time preview system to see the final outcome of your image as you make the changes.
  27. Picasion – You can control size, rotation, quality, and effects of the image, but Picasion only allows a maximum size of the 1300px width.
  28. Go2Converter – Go2Converter has support for over 200 formats, and it can resize and compress images.
  29. FunPhotoBox – FunPhotoBox offers dozens of tools to beautify your images and resize is one of them. It has an intuitive resizer tool that lets you both scale and stretch images.
  30. Universal Web ServicesUpload image, select width, select height, and click on “Submit”. Your resized image will be automatically downloaded. This is pretty much it when it comes to this tool’s function. A truly simple image resizer tool.
    Universal Web ServicesUniversal Web Services

To Conclude

These online image resizer tools should make it easy to quickly resize images without bloating your PC with Photoshop. I’ll recommend you to go for resizer tools that come with bulk image processing as they will immensely speed up the resize process if you have multiple images.I personally like Bulk Resize Photos and PicGhost, which one of these online photo resizers you like?

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