6 July 2016,
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Honesty’s the best policy, we’re told time and time again when we were kids, by the same adults who bluff at cards, tell white lies, bend the truth, exaggerate with sizes, spread misconceptions, myths, gossip and slander. So now that I’m an adult (somewhat), I’m passing on the idea to the next generation that sometimes, kids, honesty may not be the best policy to adopt.

There is something known as too much honesty and because they say a picture is worth a thousand words, there are 33 hilarious pictures here that will illustrate the need to tone down those honesty levels just a tiny bit.

Best Schoolwork Award

As these examples will show you, kids can be brutal when it comes to playing the honesty card.

Well, that escalated quickly.

Well somebody is planning an intervention.

Santa better step up his game this year.

Don’t worry, soldier. Donovan’s got your back.

Well, you know, it’s Ellen.

Freeloader is self aware.

Test papers

Sometimes in tests, you just have to wing it and hope for the best. Other times, you leave your teacher fuming and the Internet in stitches, like these guys did.

Purgatory on earth is in this classroom.

What’s the point of multiple choice if you have to explain yourself, right?

Stop classifying us!

An irrational answer, if you ask me.

So, it wasn’t really for safety reasons, then?

They made us learn stuff, all day!


I could. Really. But I don’t want to. So, I won’t.

Yard Sales

Sale signs sometimes give you the absolutely best reason to make them an offer they wouldn’t refuse or to check out how much better your life is compared to theirs.

I hope it’s not contagious.

You heard the lady, start shopping. Go, go, go!

Make this poor guy a good offer, quick.

Only for the desperate.

Someone bring the popcorn.

Honest Advertising

We’ve all read about all the false advertising attempts hiding behind "for illustration purposes only" and the less-official "everything you see here is actually sold separately" excuse, but wait until you see what happens with advertising tries the honest route.

Somebody needs a drink.

Pretty good, is good enough!

"I knew you could do it, son."

That’s half your problems solved!

Keeping it in the neighborhood.

Because priorities.

Yeah, you better enjoy it.

No awards, still a winner.

So that’s where grandma always goes for your Christmas presents.

One simple requirement, just be…

So you know that you’re getting the best genuine fake deals here.

Wow, every single day.

The Santa Claus global scam is busted wide open.

They know their customer’s tastes.

Because who doesn’t like to pay more for less?

Sugarcoating is for wimps.

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