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Attracting, nurturing, converting and retaining customers are common challenges all ecommerce businesses face. Especially in a highly competitive market, knowing which trends to implement while building your online presence is a way to ensure you are on the right track to maximize your online reach. Here are four recommended trends to leverage to help build and grow your ecommerce business. 

Online Data

Building an ecommerce store opens up plenty of opportunities to reach more users while garnering more followers and loyal supporters; on the other hand it can take away the important personal face-to-face interaction. Using personal online data allows you to create an experience for your customers to meet those needs. Staying on top of your customer’s purchase history, search queries, and visits to specific pages on your site can make a major impact on their desire to be a continual customer. 

Taking a look at the statistics provided by invespcro.com, communication between you as a marketer and your customers can create a large impact. Take some time to review the infographic and information they’ve provided, it’ll definitely help you consider the best way to start working with your clients.

Chatbot AI Solutions

Providing your visitors with top-notch customer service is essential to outperform your competition and to ensure your business remains viable at all times, even in a highly competitive industry. Implementing chatbot AI solutions is one way to assist your online visitors and dedicated customers without additional manual labor or employees.

Using a chatbot is ideal if you want to provide your users with a built-in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of your website. Redirect users to various links based on the query your chatbot receives, saving you time while assisting users who have a genuine interest in exploring your website, products, and brand. Chatbots are also helpful as they provide website owners with data and analytics. You can gain insights into what visitors are interested in finding or discovering when speaking with your chatbots.

In an interview with Nick Johnson at SalesForce.com, Peter Norvig, director of research at Google, describes that, “Machine learning helps companies do a better job of making those recommendations, but the customer doesn’t really notice that AI plays a role. They simply see their results getting incrementally better. This behind-the-scenes use of AI as an optimization tool for existing processes is an area where we’ve already made a lot of progress, and where the technology is pretty mature.”

The Cloud

“The Cloud” may have sounded foreign or extremely technical just a few years ago, but it is now used in everyday lives even if an individual is unfamiliar with programming and digital storage themselves. Using the cloud for your business and data storage is a great way to eliminate the need for physical servers and additional space.

Using the cloud provides individuals with quicker access to data that has been stored and information that has been published or shared online. Rather than using one simple server to host and store all of your data, the cloud is ideal as it breaks various parts of information up, optimizing loading times and speed. Accessing data on the cloud has also never been easier and can be done remotely, optimal for working on-the-go or for connecting with other employees and contractors you work with located just about anywhere. Using a cloud storage solution also guarantees automatic backups to protect your data even more each day.  

Over the years, companies like Hartford, Delhaize, and Pearson have taken advantage of this method and have completely transformed their businesses. It’s changed the way their clients receive IT services, how they sell products by using analytics and Big Data and frees up resources to allow the company to provide new ways to best help users. No matter how big or small your business is, taking the time to research and apply cloud services will make a major impact on you and those you work with.

Visual Interactive Product Visuals

Promoting a product on your site can be a little tricky, especially with the need from customers to see the product from every angle, how it will feel in person, and how it will operate once they have it in their hands. Living in our day and age allows us to use 3D imaging to better interact from our personal computers and even our smartphones. If you aren’t sure how to create images like these, thankfully there are companies out there who are willing to assist you. Companies and sites like dot.vu and tiled.co are great places to start. A great example of a company who went beyond the normal interactive scale is. They’re a British company who creates and designs their own windproof golf shirts. The site they provide shows an in-depth idea of how anyone can take an amazing idea and make it interactive to anyone anywhere.

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Following the latest digital trends is a way to stay informed of the latest developments and tools available in the tech world. As a business owner, it is always important to remain updated and informed when it comes to building and expanding your online presence. With the right tools and trends that are most suitable for your business and target demographics, maximize your ability to share your products, services, or content with the audience you want to reach.

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