17 April 2019,
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Gone are the days when marketing campaigns depend solely on traditional advertising and celebrity endorsements—welcome to 2019, the era of influencer marketing. To give you an idea, influencer marketing campaigns involve individuals who work with brands to promote their products among their followers. 

In today’s world, people are smart enough to not fall for larger-than-life promotions made by celebrities. They understand the intention and idea behind such advertising. These days, people would rely more on the words of a peer. Clearly, influencers are winning at marketing since their audience connects with them on a whole other level—they’re more inclined to be loyal towards a person who’s influencing them on a daily basis, rather than a celebrity with whom they have no interaction. It is the need of today’s business to create influencer marketing campaignsfor progressive growth and brand promotions.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is basically, a meld of traditional and modern marketing techniques. You can’t boost sales and engagement without putting a good amount of energy into creating social media marketing strategies. This is when influencer marketing comes into play. 

Did you know? Big brands such as Coca Cola and H&M are using influencer marketing to boost their sales, engagement and overall brand promotions through influencers? 

One of Coca Cola’s most significant campaigns #ThatsGoldwas about the 2016 Olympic Games. This campaign was designed to attract teens with the help of content produced by athletes, musicians, and influencers. It was one of the highest number of viewsthe brand had with the Facebook Live feature.

Source: Portada

Similarly, fashion giant H&M collaborated with prominent celebrity influencers to produce four video ads which revealed their latest holiday outfits. This strategy helped them reach 12 million consumers.    

YouTube stars such as Lilly Singh, Lele Pons, and Rudy Mancuso are clear examples of influencers promoting big brands. By 2020, influencer marketing business is expected to reach $5-10 billion on a global level. 

There are two positive sides to promoting your brand or product through influencer marketing. Firstly, influencer marketing costs significantly less than traditional marketing and secondly, you don’t have to rope in a megastar, like Steph Curry to promote your new line of sneakers. You can get an Instagram influencer with a good and loyal following to promote the same.

Here are the most popular influencer marketing ideas:

1.   Giveaways

Dunkin Donuts_Halloween giveaways_Get Elastic
Source: Pinerest

Who doesn’t love free things? This is typically what a giveaway is. You can promote your products by organizing a giveaway on an influencer’s social media handle. An attractive package, free of cost is a good way to give your brand the exposure it deserves. A happy audience is the best way to get your sales going!

A simple yet engaging enough example is Dunkin Donuts. For Halloween, they asked their followers on all social media platforms to decorate their cups and send them a photo of the cup to stand to win a gift card of $100. 4 of the 5 winners were from Instagram. This helps with creating hype and also increasing curiosity amongst other viewers.

2.   Influencer Takeovers

An active social media channel with a good following can do wonders for your brand promotion and engagement. The idea is basically to allow an influencer to promote your brand on your handle or your page. The influencer applies their social media knowledge and skills to boost engagement of your page. Content is the king on social media, and you know it.

Model and actress Jaime Kingtook over the Instagram account of Harper’s Bazaarand shared her day and her ‘get ready with me’ routine for the Dior Cruise show.  

Jamie King_Harper's Bazaar_Get Elastic
Source: Peg Fitzpatrick

3.   Host an Event

Hosting an event is a great way to grow your relationship with the audience. In today’s world, promoting a brand through an influencer on social media isn’t enough. You have to take it offline too, at times. Make sure you invite influencers who connect well with your target audience. It’s important to focus on every little detail, including the decor and presentation of the entire event. 

Brandettes_Get Elastic
Source: Brandettes

Tarte Cosmetics’ marketing team is aware of the far-reaching and powerful voice of influencers, so they create influencer events which are designed to maximize exposure. Their mammoth budget allows them to regularly fly Instagram and YouTube vloggers and beauty gurus to exotic destinations like Turks and Caicos, Bora Bora, etc. These campaigns are unified under #trippinwithtarte. The enviable activities along with the beautiful location ensure influencers constantly create content and followers are engaged instantly. Hand-picked influencers and carefully curated content allowed Tarte to reach millions of users with this campaign.  

4.   Cause Marketing

This is a relatively new yet exceptional norm in the field of social media marketing. This marketing is based on a motive; to support a cause and influence or sensitize the audience about the same. You can collaborate with influencers who support similar causes, which would help you grow your engagement. 

After Puerto Rico was struck by Hurricane Irma, Tesla provided relief by working with Ricardo Rossello, the island’s governor, to produce batteries for relief. On October 24th, an enormous solar array was revealed which was said to provide power to hospitals.   

Inverse_Tesla_Get Elastic
Source: Inverse

Based on market research, influencer marketing campaigns aren’t going away anytime soon. Any and every brand is taking that extra step to reach out to and collaborate with influencers. By taking the age-old concept of “word of mouth marketing” and adding in a modern spin, influencer marketing has the potential to reach millions of people effectively.

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