6 September 2017,
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Emoticons are a new medium of communication. In fact, for some people, it is much comfortable communicating through emoticons rather than simple words. This is the reasons every communication platform tries to add emojis to website or app.

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50 Free Payment Methods & Credit Card Iconsets

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However, not all applications or programs create custom emoji for their users, especially when there are so many emoticon sets available on the internet. For all those seeking high quality emojis for their app, here are downloadable emoticons and smiley icon packs.

So pore over the following showcase to see if there is an emoticon set right for you.

Decorative Emoji Collection
Smiley Patches Free Vector
Facebook Emoji Freebies
Assorted Smiley Face Icons
Barbarian Emoticons
Emoticon Button Icon Set
Free Emoticon Set Vector
Doctor Emoticons
Emoticon Stickers Free
Emoticons Freebie Sketch
Emoticon Icon Set
Nurse Emoticons
Cartoon Faces
Square Emoticon Vectors Stroke
Popcorn Box Emoticons
Free Set of Emotion Icons
Emoji Freebie
Colorful Emoticons
Choohoo Mascot
Speech bubble-shaped Emoji
Emojis in Flat Design
Whatsapp Smileys
Flat Emojis in Blue Tone
Funny Emojis in Flat Design
Emoticons in Flat Design
Colorful Square Emoticons Pack
Barn Owl Emoticon
Sloth Emoticons Vector
Baby Facial Expression Icons
Faces Emoticons Collection
Expressive Toasts Collection
People Emoticons in Flat Design
Round Smileys Collection
Emojis Collection
Simple Funny Emoticons
Emoji Set
Vector Emoticons
Emoji 5
Panda Emojis in Flat Design
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