3 November 2019,
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Lying down game or so-called planking has become the most famous Internet meme since months before, with thousands of photos of different lying poses spawning on social media.

So in this post, we have collected 43 amazing photos with great planking poses in unusual situations. So what’s next? Take your coffee and enjoy these extraordinary yet amusing planking photos! Additionally, we will be featuring Horsemaning, the next level of Internet meme!

Absolute Balance

Planking on the ground is easy, but never on this kind of chair, talking about perfect balance!

(Image Source: Simen Løvgren)

At Glencree

You saw something floating… with a little girl planking on it. The reflection is brilliant by the way.

(Image Source: Ben_N_Murphy)

at glencreeat glencree
Car Plank

Don’t plank on the car, plank inside it! Hilarious and creative shot indeed.

(Image Source: cameijers)

car plankcar plank
Crack Planking

“Obviously the safest way to travel across cracks. I really don’t think hikers have discovered this technique yet, so hikers around the world, please share and enjoy this technique.”

(Image Source: skarpi)

crack plankingcrack planking
Entrance Plank

Banana from the peanut butter jelly time enjoying the planking meme.

(Image Source: Toasty_rules)

entrance plankentrance plank
Facedown In Bokeyland

A perfect example showing you that how classic facedown can also be great.

(Image Source: Studio d’Xavier)

facedown in bokeylandfacedown in bokeyland
Get Wet Plank

There’s fountain like this everywhere, but how many people really tried the planking on top of it? It’s about thinking out of the box.

(Image Source: cameijers)

get wet plankget wet plank
High Difficulty Planking

You know it, don’t try this anywhere! Bravo anyway!

(Image Source: sealion15)

high difficulty plankinghigh difficulty planking
Little Girl Planking

Probably one of the cutest planking in human history!

(Image Source: jhinnr)

little girl plankinglittle girl planking
Ping Pong Face-Down

“Today’s ping pong tournament had additional challenges.”

(Image Source: ApplesInMyBra)

ping pong face-downping pong face-down
Plank The Army

What a great challenge to the army, too bad we cannot see what happened next!

(Image Source: Simen Løvgren)

plank the armyplank the army
Plank The Lake

It seems like he’s doing the planking, and suddenly someone pushes him into the lake, cool one anyway!

(Image Source: Arnór Orri)

plank the lakeplank the lake
Plank The Monster

I think the monster is more hilarious, but the combination makes the entire photo even more amusing!

(Image Source: tgsaw)

plank the monsterplank the monster
Plank The Tank

So let them witness the true might of the planking.

(Image Source: Basrah K9)

plank the tankplank the tank
Planker And Cows

Animals always have a hard time on understanding intelligent humans.

(Image Source: peter danger atkinson)

planker and cowsplanker and cows
Plankers And Cops

Street planking is best when cops are involving it, whether they plank or not.

(Image Source: HectorTheGreat1)

plankers and copsplankers and cops

“There’s a time and a place for everything.”

(Image Source: im.mick)

Planking Bear

“Even the polar bears are totally hooked on planking these days.”

(Image Source: patries71)

planking bearplanking bear
Planking In Garage

“So Scott thought he would try it on his car. Guys this isn’t easy if you don’t believe me try it.”

(Image Source: Indianapolis Sports Photography)

planking in garageplanking in garage
Planking On A Frozen Lake

“Entering the Planking Craze that’s going on the internet now, I’m doing it in a frozen lake. From the top of Cypress Mt in Vancouver, BC.”

(Image Source: superpco)

planking on a frozen lakeplanking on a frozen lake
Planking The Tanker

I really wonder where they got these kinds of gears.

(Image Source: Basrah K9)

planking the tankerplanking the tanker
Planking With Rachael

Now what? Need For Speed Hot Planking?

(Image Source: PatHayes)

planking with rachaelplanking with rachael
Run Me Over

“There I was just lying on the ground (face down) when Scott decided to run me over in his jeep…”

(Image Source: Martin Mucky Dunne)

run me overrun me over
Ryan Plank!

There are more uses of basketball board rather than throwing basketball to it.

(Image Source: The Dude Junior)

ryan plankryan plank
Spider Plank

In our childhood time, who knows the spider web can one day be played with a game called planking?

(Image Source: cameijers)

spider plankspider plank
Star Wars Planking

“These aren’t the (regular) planks you’re looking for…”

(Image Source: SteveHobley)

star wars plankingstar wars planking
The Wing Man Plank

We know that we cannot walk on the aeroplane, how about planking on it?

(Image Source: Basrah K9)

the wing man plankthe wing man plank
Water-line Plank

The secret of the funny planking is the planker has to be serious, isn’t it?

(Image Source: hyperdadamix)

water-line plankwater-line plank
Wilcox Pass Plank

Planking at 3000 meter, seems like a good way to enjoy the heavenly mountain scene.

(Image Source: Photo-Con)

wilcox pass plankwilcox pass plank

How’s About Horsemaning?

Horsemaning, also called as “fake beheading” is currently expected as the new Internet meme that will take over the planking. However, there were some posts burst out from both Gawker and Dembot pointed out that the meme was genuinely created (or, “faked”) by BuzzFeed. While the site didn’t officially state it’s some kind of joke or what, they didn’t deny it either.

So now the Horsemaning was coined as “Forced Meme” or “Fake Meme”, but is it really important that the meme is deliberately created or not? We’re not sure about the answer, but Internet people are already taking up the trend, and below are some neat Horsemaning photos for you to enjoy!

Enjoying Magazine

Magazine is still enjoyable even viewing it with the head unplugged, did you try that before?

(Image Source: MTV Buzzworthy Blog)

enjoying magazineenjoying magazine
Floating Head

You don’t necessarily need to turn your body even if you want to enjoy the view of your back.

(Image Source: lavenderbouquet)

floating headfloating head
Horsemaning 2.0

The future of horsemaning is out, fuelled by the connective infrastructure of Google+!

(Image Source: Newsweek)

horsemaning 2.0horsemaning 2.0
Moustache Man Horsemaning

Having a relaxing moment on the chair… with my slightly heavy head unplugged.

(Image Source: BuzzFeed)

moustache man horsemaningmoustache man horsemaning
Playing Video Game

As long as the gameplay is enjoyable, it doesn’t matter where your head is placed.

(Image Source: Horsemaners Anonymous)

playing video gameplaying video game
Post No Bills

It’s nothing wrong, don’t you think?

(Image Source: BuzzFeed)

post no billspost no bills
No Head

Err, sir, can I tell you that your head is misplaced?

(Image Source: shojke)

no headno head
Sexy Guy

Am I the only one who thinks the combination is quite wrong?

(Image Source: BuzzFeed)

sexy guysexy guy


While the meme has been quite well-received, there are also people criticizing the act is so nonsense, and it’s only for boring people who don’t know how to spend their time. Well, the photos above pretty much proved that even the professional photographers also involved in the meme, so it’s probably not totally about boredom, but some kind of creativity that sparks some hilarious and happy moment.

Anyway, why not relax and have fun with them! 🙂 Think you spotted a creative planking photo that will beats some pieces above? Share it to us! We just don’t mind to have more fun, especially with our readers!

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