4 December 2016,
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Your Facebook friends will be a lot more helpful in the coming days as Facebook is rolling out some new features that will use your connections to discover new places, activities and businesses that may interest you. Here’s a rundown on all the features that will be coming to Facebook.

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Receive recommendations by your friends

Visiting a new place and don’t know what to do or where to go? Why not source that information from your friends list? Recommendations is a feature that can be enabled when you write a Facebook post looking for suggestions on local places or service.

If the feature is turned on, your friends can comment on your post with their suggestions, and Facebook will mark those locations on a map and save them in a single post. The Recommendations bookmark will allow you to ask a new question or help your friends.

freinds recommendations
Monitor upcoming Events better

Expanding upon the currently available Events feature, Facebook will be implementing a revamped Events bookmark on the website.

With it, you will now be able to track your friends’ latest event activity, as well as browse event recommendations based on your friends’ interests and your past events.

This feature will be available to U.S. Facebook users in the coming weeks.

upcoming events
Interact with businesses via Facebook

Many businesses have their own Facebook pages, and Facebook will be adding a feature that would allow you to interact with these businesses in a more direct manner.

For example, you will soon be able to order food from a restaurant’s Facebook Page that uses Delivery.com or Slice.

For businesses such as salons, you can also book an appointment through a salon’s Facebook page. Confirmation would be handled through Facebook Messenger.

business interactions

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