26 July 2019

Amazon one-click checkout patent has expired. Should merchants use it?

26 July 2019,

It’s approaching two years since Amazon’s patented one-click checkout feature expired on September 11, 2017, granting license-and-lawsuit free use for online merchants. During the […]

16 July 2019

Primed for disruption: 12 wacky Amazon patents fueling the future of fulfillment

16 July 2019,

With 2018’s Prime Day moving over 100 million products (expected to grow this year) — fast and reliable fulfillment is top-of-mind for the world’s […]

12 October 2018

Amazon Prime – 10 Reasons Why It’s Totally Worth It

12 October 2018,

People who’re into online shopping would certainly know about Amazon Prime – the latest subscription program by Amazon that offers extremely fast shipping. Instead […]

17 August 2018

How to Delete All Amazon Alexa Recordings

17 August 2018,

Amazon Alexa, like Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant, stores all your voice commands on its servers. However, Amazon Alexa is known to share private […]

31 December 2017

How to Identify Fake Reviews on Amazon

31 December 2017,

Fake reviews are one of the biggest hurdles in the way of a good online shopping experience. Like all other online shopping sites, the […]