22 February 2021

Food & Drink Menus Design For Your Inspiration

22 February 2021,

Menus are like the business card of a cafe, restaurant or bistro. Apart from the atmosphere, the menu provides the sort of lasting impression […]

5 February 2021

Clever Typography Designs That Make You Think

5 February 2021,

Words! We just can’t possibly go through a day without using them. Yet, time and time again, we underestimate the ability of words to […]

11 December 2020

28 Christmas Gift Wrapping to Do It #likeaboss

11 December 2020,

We all want our gifts for our loved ones to be unique, but often we forget that anticipation is also important! The next time […]

10 December 2020

20+ Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas for Your Inspiration

10 December 2020,

If you are one of those people to whom presentation matters more than the gift itself, then you would go for personalized gift wrapping. […]

8 December 2020

30 Creative DIY Christmas Trees For Your Inspiration

8 December 2020,

There are plenty of things that you add to a home to make it more festive for the holidays. Wreaths and the right decor […]

7 December 2020

60 Beautiful Christmas Cards Guaranteed to Make You Smile

7 December 2020,

One might mistake the holiday season as a time for shopping, gifting and taking breaks; it’s also that time of the year when we […]

28 November 2020

30 Creative Ideas to Light Up Your Room

28 November 2020,

Looking for a way to boost your creativity? Why not decorate your house with some unique lights for a start. Lighting fixtures almost never […]

22 November 2020

20 Creative Package Designs You Got To See

22 November 2020,

When you’re at shopping at the supermarket, chances are you’ll probably buy things that you might not necessarily need. Sometimes, what lures you in […]

21 November 2020

36 Creative Global Warming Awareness Posters

21 November 2020,

With the ever-increasing temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere from as early as the late 19th century, nature is sending us signals to do something […]

30 October 2020

Amazing Abstract Reality Art by Philip Lueck

30 October 2020,

All art forms are indeed a reflection or an illusion of reality. In the same vein, reality art is a form of expression that […]

5 September 2020

20 Stunning Art Expressions That Create Public Awareness

5 September 2020,

When people think of art, they think of bizzare creations and beautiful intricate paintings hung up in museums. Essentially, the process of bringing an […]

29 August 2020

32 Creative and Interesting Bento Boxes

29 August 2020,

For most Japanese mothers, lunch is not just simple food preparation and packing meals for their love ones, they spend their time arranging the […]

26 August 2020

20 Really Creative Wedding Invitation Cards

26 August 2020,

The season is here and you probably have received a wedding invite or two a couple of months back. A lot of work goes […]

26 August 2020

40+ Creative Bookshelf Design Ideas For Your Inspiration

26 August 2020,

If you love books, no tablet, e-books or e-reader will make you abandon your love for paper and print. Similarly, a bookworm will always […]

6 August 2020

10 Unique Playing Cards (With Cool Design) For The Collectors

6 August 2020,

According to Wikipedia playing cards gave been around for over 1,100 years now. They have changed considerably since then. Different variations of decks have […]

20 July 2020

20 Creative Uses of Lego You Need To See

20 July 2020,

The world will probably never get tired of the wonders of Lego, even if it definitely hurts when you step on one. Painful feet […]

19 July 2020

15 Amazing Lego Re-Imagined Star Wars Scenes

19 July 2020,

For some of us, Lego may be those indestructable landmines found on staircases and in the kids’ toy room. But use them right, and […]

18 June 2020

20 Impressive Murals You Have Got to See

18 June 2020,

Street artists look at the world like a blank canvas, waiting for them to inject beauty into the streets and walls. Thanks to the […]

31 May 2020

30 Cool Street Art Around The World

31 May 2020,

Art has been changing its appeal to the man on the street. You no longer have to visit museums and art galleries to get […]

26 May 2020

30 Impressive Graffiti and Wall Paintings

26 May 2020,

Wall paintings had existed since the earliest history of humanity. Pictorial text on cave walls and the pillars of ancient civilizations eventually morphed into […]

24 April 2020

Creative Product Design – Expect The Unexpected

24 April 2020,

Famous brands are recognized for their flagship products, but would their brand shine on other products? Like if Crocs actually developed an umbrella. Would […]

9 February 2020

21 Raw & Realistic 3D Character Models

9 February 2020,

Most of us are intrigued by the amazing graphical character designs of our all-time favourite animated movies like the Shrek, Monster Inc., Ice Age […]

24 January 2020

40+ Inspiring Book & Paper Sculptures

24 January 2020,

The book serves as a tool to record historical events that transcend through the ages, passing down knowledge from generation to generation, spanning scientific […]

20 January 2020

From Toilet Roll To Paper Art: 12 Amazing Examples

20 January 2020,

If your creativity is wild, no medium is a limitation. This fact is exceptionally true with Anastassia Elias, a french artist who collects toilet […]

19 January 2020

Lifelike Origami Artwork In The Wild [Photos]

19 January 2020,

We have previously featured a collection of splendid artwork by Won Park, a brilliant origami artist who specializes in turning dollar bills into lifelike […]