7 February 2016,
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links6May came and May went, here are some must-read articles of-the-month to check out if you missed them.

  • Is your marketing “fat, sick and nearly dead?” Join our CMO Matt Dion over at Huffington Post as he walks you through is 7-step master marketing cleanse plan for the Age of the Customer.
  • Statistics lie and so do customers, if not intentionally. There is a difference between what people think and say they do and what they actually end up doing, and this has impact on your UX and marketing strategies. How can you bridge the gap between actual and reported behavior?
  • Consumers are suffering from app fatigue and are tired of carrying zillions of store cards with them – what does this mean for your loyalty program? Mobile Commerce Daily shares a workaround, app-free loyalty programs where the customer can save a digital loyalty card in Apple’s Passbook or Google Wallet.

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