30 November 2014,
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Facebook is giving users control of their News Feeds. Sort of. Don’t get too excited. They haven’t decided to open the flood gates and let each of us control our own flow of information – that would be silly.

What they are doing is giving us new tools that will make it seem like we’re in control of our News Feed.

new Facebook optionsIf you check your News Feed settings (a section I didn’t even know existed) you’ll find some new groupings of information. At the top is “Seen Most Last Week” which is oddly phrased but I get the point. These are the people, Pages and Groups who had the most to say over the last seven days. And that might not be accurate since Facebook controls what we see, these might just be the top posters who showed up on your account.

Each name has a big Following button right next to it, so if you’re sick of Joseph’s hourly rants you can unfollow him with a click. He’ll still be your virtual friend but you won’t see his posts in your News Feed.

Below that is an even more intriguing box; Unfollowed. These are people you recently stopped following. Now, if you have unfollowers remorse, you can easily add them back into your feed with a click.

The example photos only show profiles but Pages will also show up here so this is your second chance to get back in the feed if you were previously dumped.

Also new is the option to “see less” from a person from an actual post. Cemre’s jokes aren’t doing it for you. Open the menu, then click to make him less important. Such power! You can also choose to unfollow him completely, but again, he’ll still think you’re friends and will wonder why you haven’t responded to his joke about the Yeti.

When you’re done following, unfollowing and deeming people less important in your life, the Facebook elves take over. They consider all of your choices then craft a finely tuned News Feed with just the right amount of info from the people you prefer. Note, no where in this discussion does Facebook say you’ll be completely in charge of what you see. No, these new options are there to give you the feeling of control.

The upside for Pages is that these controls allow users to say they want to see more of what you’re posting by not saying they want to see less.

Impact on your business? Probably nothing but with Facebook, you just never know.

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