22 March 2019,
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Digital transformation has become a hot topic among countless enterprises across many verticals and industries. It’s ultimately the latest buzzword many practitioners would like to see banned – and for good reason. Businesses know they need to future-proof to stay competitive, but jumping on the latest buzzword initiative bandwagon is not the way to go about it.

According to IDC, spending on digital transformation initiatives will hit the $2 trillion (USD) mark by 2022. However, as we reported earlier it’s estimated that that 70% of these digital transformation initiatives will fail. And they fail for a variety of reasons – lack of executive sponsorship, lack of talent, lack of change management, etc. However, the biggest problem is that companies aren’t actually transforming, instead they are only attempting to transform by wedging new applications, engagement layers, or channels on old and brittle infrastructures. 

Get Elastic caught up with Rachel Mushahwar, VP & GM, US Industry Sales at Intel to discuss the “Corporate Renaissance” as she puts it, that businesses are entering today. We also got her take on how companies can best leverage this time of change and how “the past and all of your past successes aren’t going to be what you can use to create your future.”

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