25 December 2016,
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Finding a public Wi-Fi hotspot may no longer be a huge challenge as it appears that Facebook has begun testing a new “Find Wi-Fi” feature on the iOS Facebook app.

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First spotted by The Next Web‘s social media director Matt Navarra, this feature will detect places nearby with Wi-Fi hotspots. The feature would list down the name of the business as well as how long it’ll take you to get to said location and its available networks.

NEW on Facebook – Find Wi-Fi pic.twitter.com/vAxPALishp

— Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) November 22, 2016

While how exactly will Facebook manage to build up a list of Wi-Fi hotspots is still unclear, an educated guess can be made that the Wi-Fi locations are provided by the businesses themselves. Facebook has started asking business pages to list Wi-Fi locations at their physical addresses, so it could be possible that the Wi-Fi list is sourced from the information provided by businesses.

facebook find wifi

In the meantime, this feature is currently unavailable on the Android Facebook app. As for iOS, it appears that the “Find Wi-Fi” feature has only be enabled for some users. If you’re one of the lucky ones who’ve been given access to the feature, you can toggle it on or off through the settings menu.

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