22 July 2017,
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Choosing fonts to use in a design project isn’t exactly a cakewalk. If the fonts are too similar to one another, they’ll be hard to distinguish. Likewise, if the fonts choices are drastically different, it can be extremely jarring to the reader. To deal with this dilemma, technology provides your with font pairing tools.

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In line with that, there is an interesting and helpful font pairing tool on the internet called Fontjoy that helps you generate a perfect font set of your own.

Created by Jack Qiao, Fontjoy is a simple web tool that leverages machine learning in order to help you select the perfect font combination. All you need to do is set the contrast between fonts, ranging from very similar to wildly different. Once that’s done, click the Generate button.

pairing made simplepairing made simple

After a few moments, the page would reload with the text being replaced with a new combination of fonts. All of the font styles can then be seen on the left hand side of the screen.

text replacementtext replacement

Besides discovering new font pairs, it is also possible to use Fontjoy to discover fonts that work well with one another. To do so, you’ll need to lock the font of choice by clicking on the “lock pad” icon located below the font’s name.

After that, click on the Generate button again. Once the page refreshes, you’ll be greeted with a new set of fonts that complements the locked font.

lock fontlock font

In its current state, Fontjoy supports nearly 2,000 types of font, so rest assured that the combinations are near limitless at this point.

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