7 October 2014,
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Halloween storeIts the end of the first week of October. Halloween is in full bloom and fourth-quarter madness is slowly spreading through the retail world. How are you doing? While you ponder that question, let’s take a look at a couple of stories that didn’t make it on to Marketing Pilgrim this week.

Facebook Cans Spam

Facebook put up a long post today on the business blog with a veiled warning to Page owners – don’t buy likes or artificially inflate your pages. We’ll find you and punish you.

But they didn’t want to be that blatant, so they made it about the spammers instead:

We have obtained nearly $2 billion in legal judgments against spammers, and we utilize these channels when possible to remind would-be offenders that we will fight back to prevent abuse on our platform. We also limit likes per account to make spammers’ operations less efficient. When like activity gets unusually high, we take additional steps to make sure the likes are legitimate, such as asking for additional verification.

Bottom line: “Fraudulent likes are going to do more harm than good to your Page.”

Remember, the point of a Facebook page isn’t to gain likes, it’s to sell your product or service.

LinkedIn PulseLinkedIn Spruces Up Pulse

Pulse is LinkedIn’s news reader. They recently redesigned the interface to make it cleaner and bolder. More importantly, they created intuitive navigation that should keep readers engaged longer.

If you’re visiting LinkedIn through your laptop, you’ll finish reading a piece and scroll right to the next article in a series that’s curated just for you. On our mobile app, you’ll find more posts at the bottom from the author who originally captured your attention.

If it’s your post, you’ll find all kinds of helpful statistical information right under the headline so you can tell at a glance if your content was a hit or a miss.

LinkedIn also updated their Terms of Service. You can read all about that here.

And finally, some quick hits:

Google closed the doors on Orkut, their first social media network.

Here’s one for those of you who want to know what Ello is all about. Or perhaps you’d rather Flare me!

That’s it for me. Have a great weekend. Get those Halloween decorations up and I’ll see you back here on Monday.

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