31 January 2019,
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Get Elastic had the pleasure to interview Eileen Mockus, CEO at Coyuchi.

Coyuchi is a home textile company committed to making responsibly sourced, consciously processed, high quality organic textiles for the home. The company is a pioneer in working with Fair Trade organic cotton and recently Made Safe certification for its products. The company recently launched Coyuchi for Life, the first sustainable subscription model for home textiles.

During her conversation with Get Elastic, Mockus addresses the openness to new ideas from consumers which breeds an interest in new business models. As a company with a target audience of 30-50-year-old females, their subscription service allows the environmentally-conscience consumer the ability for newness with their sustainable and renewable products. 

As a subscription-based ecommerce retailer, their digital strategy is focused on various channels including the big social media players such as Facebook. Coyuchi keeps their consumer at the forefront of all their business strategies as they work to provide the answers to the consumers seeking an organic lifestyle.

Forbes contributor, Sara Weinreb, says “While this budding movement towards conscious creation is on the rise, it’s much less frequent that brands are taking charge of the end-of-life of their product, ensuring proper recycling, upcycling, or disposal of something they produced when the customer decides to no longer us it. Enter Coyuchi.”

Check back next month when we cover ecommerce and the subscription economy.

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