11 November 2016,
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With the arrival of iPhone 7 we bid goodbye to the earphone jack and hello to a new age of… wireless earphones. Dubbed "Airpods", the new cordless earphones — while not the first of its kind — signals a change that makes many uncomfortable. And because this is the Internet, the only appropriate reaction is to joke about it.

Admit it, the only thing you associate with earphone cords before this was the fact that it can entangle itself in less than 5 seconds. A day after AirPods were announced, earphone cords was suddenly the last best thing since sliced bread. Love it or hate it, the best thing about this is that the jokes are free.

At least one guy appreciates this.
no worries
It’s an evil plan, but ingenius, but evil… but ingenius.
airpod parody ad
Admit it. You laughed.
running with iphone 7
This better be real.
find my earpods
How ironic is it that it wasn’t a Pixar film
wasn't pixar film
Gotta love the Home Pro Edition
home pro edition
Lost the other one already
losing one airpod
The great dilemma of 2016
the dilemma
It’s been more than a century and Jack still can’t catch a break.
jack and rose
thanking earphones
The Evolution of AirPods (2014-2020)
evolution of airpods
Why complain when you can capitalize? Eh? Eh?
Shots Fired
Haters gonna hate, but at the end of the day…
haters gonna hate

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