30 August 2019,
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Are you getting as much out of your ecommerce traffic as you could be? Does 2.42% conversion rate sound good to you? According to Monetate’s latest ecommerce report, that’s the average conversion rate for ecommerce.

Let’s look at it another way: 97.58% of ecommerce traffic is wasted!

How can you grab the attention of the over 97% of traffic that leaves your site empty-handed?

You could ask them for an email address to follow-up later, collect feedback, suggest alternative products, etc. Now turn that into a reality with exit-intent popups and learn how to best leverage them to optimize your website.

Create Website Exit Surveys

It can be difficult to know what’s preventing your visitors from purchasing from your website. Yet, knowing what could be improved is key for site performance.

This is where you can make good use of website exit surveys. When set to appear to people who leave your website without purchasing, they can help you understand what prevented them from making a purchase. Is it because they haven’t found the product they were looking for? Is it because your website doesn’t inspire trust? Because they’ll be back later?

One multiple-choice question should be enough to discover the main problems.

To determine what question you should ask, you can try one of these formulas:

  • What could we have done better?
  • What’s the main reason preventing you from purchasing from us?
  • What made you exit the website?

When it comes to the answers, we recommend you include the following options (you’ll just need to adapt the wording to the question you asked):

  • I didn’t find the product I was looking for
  • I don’t trust your website
  • Your prices are unreasonable
  • The shipping costs are too expensive
  • I was just browsing
  • Other (add a text input below to let your visitors tell you more)

This kind of modal is especially powerful when displayed on product, cart and checkout pages.

Create Exit Email Popups

Once you know your audience better, you can use exit-intent offers to grow your email list.

Since they don’t interrupt visitors during their navigation, exit email popups are usually pretty effective. We’ve noticed that, on average, they convert 5% more visitors into email subscribers than “traditional” email popups.

An exit opt-in popup on Bowflex.com_Get Elastic
Source: Bowflex

When creating your subscription popup form, keep in mind the following elements:

  • Include a reward (A/B tests have shown that they’re the single most effective way to increase a popup’s conversion rate)
  • Create an inspiring design that reminds your visitors of your brand and products (to avoid the popup being confused with a 3rd party ad)
  • Craft a message that’s understandable in only a few seconds (after all, they were about to leave your website!)

Create Product Recommendation Popups

A visitor leaving a specific product page of your website is probably not interested in purchasing that specific product. But it doesn’t mean they might not be interested in other items.

Exit recommendation popups can help you recommend other products your visitors are likely to purchase.

If you already have a product recommendation solution, you can use it to include recommendations in your popup:

Johnlewis.com_Get Elastic
Source: Johnlewis.com

If on a budget and can’t afford this kind of recommendation tool, you might opt for a simpler strategy: a call-to-action pointing to the best sellers of the product’s category. Here’s an example of this strategy in action:

Source: JewelStreet.com_Get Elastic.com
Source: Jewelstreet.com

These popups work best when displayed on product pages.

Create Cart Abandonment Popups

Did you know that 75% of carts are abandoned on average?

Could exit popups help? Usually, there are only two things that can help a shopper confirm a purchase that they are about to give up on:

  • Get in touch with a representative who can confirm that it’s the right choice or recommend a product that will be a better fit.
  • Offer a time-limited discount that will urge this shopper to complete the purchase now, not later.

Here’s a great example of the first strategy taken from Clickmechanic.com. This pop-up offers visitors an opportunity to get in touch with a real human being.

An exit popup offering human contact from Clickmechanic.com’s website_Get Elastic
Source: Clickmechanic.com

PureVPN.com uses the limited-time offer to drive their potential subscribers back into the subscription funnel. With a discount and a countdown, it’s urgency at its best

Exit popup offering a limited-time discount on PureVPN.com_Get Elastic
Source: PureVPN.com

Hopefully these ideas have inspired you to take action or maybe you’ve already tested exit popups on your site. Let us know what you’ve learned about exit modals in your own experiments (along with your results!) – in the comments.

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