14 January 2021,
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Microsoft Edge has a powerful sync feature that allows you to access your browsing data on any of your devices. And in the previous post we talked about how to sync your Microsoft Edge browser across devices.

However, the sync feature is not limited to just that. If you want to sync bookmarks across browsers, there are some third-party tools for that too.

So in this post, I’m going to guide you on the process of syncing your Edge bookmarks with other browsers using Floccus. It is one of the most reliable tools which did very well in my testing between Edge and Chrome.

That said, let’s check out how you can sync bookmarks across browsers.

How to Sync Microsoft Edge Bookmarks with Other Devices

How to Sync Microsoft Edge Bookmarks with Other Devices

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Step 1: Sign up for a server

Floccus requires some central server which can help it to sync your bookmarks. I found is the easiest method to get Floccus working, and so, you need to sign up for one of such free offerings. For ths tutorial, I’m using 4shared. Follow the below steps:

  1. Go to 4shared.com in your browser > click Sign Up at top-right.
  2. Enter your details and click Sign Up. Remember these credentials.
  3. Check your inbox for an email from 4shared to confirm your email.
Step 2: Install Floccus in both browsers

You also need to install Flocuss in all the browsers that must sync bookmarks. For instance, if you want to sync bookmarks from Microsoft Edge to Chrome and Firefox, you need to install it in all three browsers. Follow the below steps:

  1. Go to floccus.org in your browser > click on your browser.
  2. Install Floccus add-on in your browserInstall Floccus add-on in your browser
  3. Install the add-on by clicking Add or Get or Install per your browser.
  4. Install Floccus in Microsoft EdgeInstall Floccus in Microsoft Edge
  5. Repeat the last two steps for your second or third browser as well.
Step 3: Set up Floccus to sync bookmarks

After you installed Floccus in all required browsers, you need to configure it in all those browsers as well. Follow these steps to configure Floccus:

  1. Click on the Floccus icon in your browser (maybe it is hidden under the extensions icon on some browsers including Google Chrome).
  2. Click the New account button to add an account to sync data.
  3. Add an account in FloccusAdd an account in Floccus
  4. Choose XBEL file in share and click Add account.
  5. Add a account in FloccusAdd a account in Floccus
  6. Enter https://webdav.4shared.com/ in URL and your 4shared credentials in the Username and Password fields. Then, click Save.
  7. Configure details in FloccusConfigure details in Floccus
  8. Repeat the last four steps for your second or third browser as well.
Step 4: Save bookmarks in the Floccus folder

In all browsers wherein you configured Floccus, you will see a bookmark folder having a name starting with Floccus. When you want to save a bookmark that must be synced to other browsers, you must save the bookmark to this folder.

For instance, I saved floccus.org as a bookmark in my Floccus folder below.

Save bookmark to the Floccus folderSave bookmark to the Floccus folder

Then, this bookmark will get synced to other configured browsers too. If you do not see a bookmark, you can click the Floccus icon and click Sync now.

You will need to do this in both — the source as well as the destination browser.

Sync now in Floccus to sync bookmarksSync now in Floccus to sync bookmarks

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