22 January 2017,
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Fingerprint scanners, one of the most common form of biometric technology, are ubiquitous these days as they can be found on almost every smartphone or tablet available on the market.

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According to engadget, now you may even find fingerprint scanners on future padlocks as a startup has created such a device, and is currently on display on the CES show floor.

  • Dubbed the BenjiLock, this device is simply a padlock that comes with a fingerprint scanners.
  • The lock itself is capable of storing up to four different fingerprints.
  • These fingerprints will then be saved onto an encrypted chip.
  • To unlock the BenjiLock, all you need to do is place your finger on the scanner and if the padlock recognizes your fingerprint, it would unlock automatically.
benjilock price

As an added safety precaution, the BenjiLock will automatically erase all fingerprints stored in its chip after multiple failed attempts to unlock the device. Once that happens, the only way you’ll be able to unlock is by using the physical key that comes with it.

Interested in getting one for yourself? Unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait as the BenjiLock won’t be available for purchase until the third quarter of the year. As for the price of the lock, the BenjiLock is expected to retail for USD80.

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