28 February 2019,
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The numbers are in and there is no denying that the 2018 holiday season outshined the 2017 holiday in terms of ecommerce revenue. From Black Friday through Christmas week, consumers spent more dollars overall and spent more time on mobile. 

According to Salesforce’s holiday shopping report, ecommerce brands saw a 12% growth in online revenue during the 2018 holiday season. Mobile was definitely the winner, taking in 48% of order share, which is a 19% increase from holiday 2017. 

What was also promising was that 2018 saw sustained and increased mobile purchases between Black Friday and Christmas, with higher peaks of purchasing translating to higher mobile revenue compared to 2017 – especially during Black Friday week.

Source: 2018 Q4 Mobile Commerce Insights Report

Another measure of engagement that was also up, was session duration. With shopping session duration peaking at times of peak purchasing, it appeared that shoppers were content spending more time on their mobile purchases than before, perhaps while they were relaxing at home or spending time with family and friends. 

Source: 2018 Q4 Mobile Commerce Insights Report
Source: 2018 Q4 Mobile Commerce Insights Report

Based on all the 2018 holiday data, there are three strong marketing tactics retailers can leverage for a profitable 2019 holiday shopping season:

Shipping promotions

The data showed a final spike in mobile purchasing and revenue on December 15th, the weekend before the start of Christmas week. For 2019, Retailers should offer last-minute shipping promotions to entice these customers to purchase.

Strategize special offers

To coincide with the December 20th spike in above-average session traffic, mobile ads with in-store offers could drive more brick-and-mortar purchases after the online shipping cut-off.  Shoppers tend to turn back to their mobile devices on the day after Christmas, however, not always with the same purchasing enthusiasm. But since they are on the site, it’s recommended to offer a post-holiday offer to entice a purchase.

Offer bundled deals

Since shoppers are already on the mobile site with some intent to buy, why not offer bundle deals for recently viewed product to keep shoppers on site longer and increase the average order value.

For more trends and stats from Holiday 2018, check out Mobify’s latest Mobile Commerce Insights Report.

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