21 June 2017,
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Gboard for Android users will no longer need to scroll through the entire emoji library to find that specific one they need as an update Google has enabled the keyboard to make emoji search a lot easier.

Gboard now comes with Google’s search app for iOS

Gboard now comes with Google’s search app for iOS

Gboard has been available for iOS devices since August as a third-party app, giving iOS users access to…Read more

So how did Google improve upon the emoji search? By using the power of doodles! Now, when you access Gboard’s emoji tab, you’ll be able to see a handwriting icon located inside the emoji search box.

type a messagetype a message

Tapping on it will open up a blank space in which you’ll be able to draw an image of the emoji you’re looking for. As you doodle on the space, Gboard will publish a list of emojis that may fit the image that you’re currently doodling. Once the emoji you want appears, all you need to do is tap on it to add it to your message.


Doodle-powered emoji search aside, Gboard for Android has also received improvements in other areas as well. For those who frequently text messages to others, Google has implemented a feature called phrase suggestions to Gboard.

Powered by machine learning, this system will allow Gboard to suggest phrases that would connect naturally with the sentence that is currently being constructed.

suggest phrasesuggest phrase

Finally, Google has made the keyboard’s search functionality a lot more useful as it can now showcase multiple results. In addition to that, Gboard can now launch the necessary app or service depending on the search result that you’ve selected. For example, if you were to select a YouTube video, Gboard would automatically boot up the YouTube app.

keyboard search functionkeyboard search function
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