21 February 2019

ITP2 Wrecks Attribution And Makes Marketing (Even) Worse

21 February 2019,

Intelligent Tracking Prevention. ITP2. It’s a nightmare for us marketers. Everyone’s talking about how it trashes audience targeting. If you want a primer on […]

16 February 2019

How To Write A Great Product Description Page

16 February 2019,

Every web-browsing human being reads a product description, almost every day. Most product descriptions are eye-bleeding horrors of lousy copy and unclear information. That […]

6 February 2019

My Google Data Studio Wishlist

6 February 2019,

Before I get into why I want Google to drop everything they’re doing with Google Data Studio (GDS) – their answer to Power BI […]

12 January 2019

10 Tips for a Successful Post-Mortem

12 January 2019,

Update: I wrote this article in 2015, but I thought with the new year right behind me that I should update it with all […]

9 January 2019

3 Content Strategy Lessons from Seattle Interactive Conference

9 January 2019,

Recently, the team from Portent attended the latest installment of Seattle Interactive Conference, a fantastic digital conference just down the block from our shiny […]

22 December 2018

How to: Check Your Site For Spam Links Using Screaming Frog

22 December 2018,

I have this friend. Some neanderthal hacked their site and sprayed spam links all over their blog, 2008-style. So this friend had two problems: […]

19 December 2018

Amazon Stores: Benefits and Tradeoffs to Building One For Your Brand

19 December 2018,

Amazon recently announced an entire blog dedicated to its “Amazon Stores” feature, which made us think it’s the right time to give this brand […]

15 December 2018

Last Minute Holiday Survival Checklist for the Digital Marketer

15 December 2018,

The holidays are already here or at least they certainly are when it comes to your budget and campaign strategies. The time to plan […]

11 December 2018

A Marketer’s Intro to Advertising on Amazon

11 December 2018,

Part of my role as a Client Partner at Portent is to stay up-to-date with marketing platforms and channels so I may determine which […]

29 November 2018

The Digital Marketing List: 48 Things You Should Be Doing But Probably Aren’t

29 November 2018,

2019 is the year digital marketing evolves! Changes! A new age is upon us! Stand up, ye marketers, and rejoice!! Or, pull up your […]

28 November 2018

How to Build International Websites With WordPress

28 November 2018,

With pressure mounting on more and more brands to grow via international expansion, the demand for and importance of localized websites continues to grow. […]

21 November 2018

Gutenberg 101: What You Need to Know About the Update

21 November 2018,

Ahh fall. Seasonal drinks, regrettable and ironic costuming decisions, a full version update to WordPress. Swaddled in the autumnal bliss of hearing your friends […]

18 November 2018

When to Stop Blindly Following Your Platform Data: From Search Console to Facebook

18 November 2018,

As client partners at Portent, we are constantly looking at the results we drive for our clients. We also talk a lot about fearless […]

9 November 2018

Amazon Advertising Features You Already Know and Love

9 November 2018,

Everybody got that?? As Amazon continues its steady ascent towards world domination, Amazon Advertising (the newly unified name of Amazon’s ad offerings) is playing […]

8 November 2018

Chrome 70 Update: HTTPS Site Security and the Full Symantec Distrust

8 November 2018,

As of October 17, 2018, Google has released Chrome 70, and with it, they have once again increased their security warnings for sites that […]

31 October 2018

Pick Another Playground: Link Schemes & Lessons From The Skinny Kid

31 October 2018,

Note: Zillow hired me to review the proposed bylaw change that led to this post. Redfin wrote that proposal. Redfin and Zillow aren’t buddies. […]

27 October 2018

PPC For Beginners: Learn From My Mistakes

27 October 2018,

Slides from my ACP-LS talk, “Fast Times, Easy Wins And Burned Money: A Beginner’s Guide to PPC” It’s my beginner’s perspective on PPC and […]

18 October 2018

Speak your Customers’ Language – The Importance of Localizing International Content

18 October 2018,

Expanding into a new international market is an incredibly exciting moment for a business, and can open up fantastic opportunities for new growth. If […]

11 October 2018

5 Lessons For Entrepreneurs: 2018 Edition

11 October 2018,

It continues to be quite a ride. Here’s the latest version of Five Lessons For Entrepreneurs. My no-bullpoop guide to running your own company, […]

10 October 2018

New Instagram Features are Making it Easier to Shop In-app

10 October 2018,

If you’re already running social advertising, you know that Facebook Ads Manager makes it easy to repurpose creative intended for Facebook directly to Instagram […]

28 September 2018

Part Two: How to Build a Google Ads Account – Campaign & Ad Group Structure

28 September 2018,

This article on PPC campaign structure is part 2 of a multi-part series which will cover just about every facet of a successful Google […]

23 September 2018

The 13 Best Tools for Outreach

23 September 2018,

I’m going to be brazen and say something extreme: you can’t do outreach without tools. At least, you can’t do good outreach. And you […]

22 September 2018

Confluence 2018 – Slides and Resources to Create Content Hubs

22 September 2018,

Today I gave a talk at Confluence Conference called “Reinventing the Wheel: The Hub and Spoke Content Strategy”. This post contains a link to […]

21 September 2018

Content Hub Strategy for SEO

21 September 2018,

I was recently fortunate enough to get accepted to speak at Confluence Conference in my old stomping grounds of Oklahoma City. I’ll be making […]

14 September 2018

Tools for the Discerning Marketer: CallRail & Desktop Call-Tracking

14 September 2018,

Hello fine friend. I can tell from the cut of your jib that you are a digital marketer to be reckoned with. In fact, […]

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