6 October 2017,
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That USB port on your PC is not just for connecting USB flash drives or USB data cables. It can also power some mini gadgets. From mug warmers and mini sewing machines to mini washing machines, you can get all kinds of interesting USB powered gadgets.

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In this post, I bring you 15 of the most unusual gadgets that are USB powered. To be honest, you may find some of these gadgets to be useless inventions, but when you’re in dire need, they can come in really handy.

Buru-buru Head Massager

It’s a massager helmet that vibrates to massage different areas of your head. Both the vibration intensity and helmet size is adjustable to let you use it as you like. Weighing 434g, it is heavy enough to comfortably sit on your head. However, do keep in mind that it just vibrates and does not works like a proper massaging machine.

Buru-buru Helmet Head MassagerBuru-buru Helmet Head Massager

Dream Cheeky Mini Fridge

Your chilly drink getting warm without the fridge? Check out this drink chiller by Dream Cheeky. It’s a mini fridge that can store 12oz beverage. However, it’s only powerful enough to keep a drink chill (and not frost a warm drink).

Dream Cheeky USB-Powered Fridge CoolerDream Cheeky USB-Powered Fridge Cooler

Thanko USB Mosquito Repellent

Thanko is a handy USB-powered mosquito killer. It has a wide slot for placing mosquito repellent mat and can be connected to any device with USB slot. A perfect little gadget to attach to have a mosquito free work session.

Thanko USB Mosquito RepellentThanko USB Mosquito Repellent

Mini Desktop Washing Machine

A waching machine to clean small objects like glasses, waterproof watch, keys, etc. Just add some water, detergent (optional), and let it rip. The mini washing machine can be powered by both USB and 4 AAA batteries.

Mini Mini Desktop USB Washing MachineMini Mini Desktop USB Washing Machine

Masunaga Wink Glasses

Even though they come with a hefty price tag, they can be really helpful to keep you awake while you work. These glasses remind you to blink so your eyes stay hydrated and you don’t doze off.

It has a blink sensor that fogs up one of the lenses when you don’t blink for 5 seconds. This little trick encourages you to blink and keep the eyes hydrated.

Masunaga Wink GlassesMasunaga Wink Glasses

Grinigh Heated Eye Mask

Weird but very useful USB powered eye mask that has many uses. It’s a soft eye mask that heats up to relieve your eye of stress and may also soothe headaches (not advertised). It also has a lavender smell that is known to reduce anxiety and help sleep better.

The heating temperature is adjustable and can heat up to 50° C. Could even be a solution to dry eye syndrome as it can heat up to 108° F (again, not advertised).

Grinigh USB Heated Eye MaskGrinigh USB Heated Eye Mask

Momoday USB Mini Dual Fan

These are high-quality dual fans to keep you cool. Both fans can be rotated and come with 3 adjustable speeds. Although it has a built-in 1200 mAh battery, it can also be powered by USB port. The dual fans can also be folded so you could carry it around.

Momoday USB Mini Dual FanMomoday USB Mini Dual Fan

WorldPenScan USB Scanner

It is a pen scanner that enables you to scan text from a book or paper and enter it on your PC. Just move the pen scanner on the required text and it will magically appear on your PC’s text editor. Of course, this pen will connect to your PC using a USB data cable and transfer the data.

PenPower WorldPenScan USBPenPower WorldPenScan USB

Ionic Air Purifier

If you have dust allergy or need to work in a place with any uncomfortable odor, then get this handy gadget right now. It’s an air ionizer that will clean the air around you of all bacteria and odor in less than 30 minutes. The manufacturer claims that it can eliminate 99% of airborne bacteria.

Thanko Necktie Clip Cooler

If the Momoday dual fan wasn’t enough to cool you down, then lets up the game with this cool necktie clip that has a fan inside it. The fan will blow cool air right on your chest to keep you cool while working. It can be powered by both USB or 3 AA batteries.

Thanko Men's USB Necktie Clip CoolerThanko Men's USB Necktie Clip Cooler

Satzuma Plasma Orb

This is a really cool decoration to sit beside your PC. When you connect it to a USB port plasma rays will start flowing in it that look really epic. Best of all it’s touch sensitive, so when you touch it all the blue lightning will move towards your fingers.

Satzuma Plasma OrbSatzuma Plasma Orb

SMOKO Yeti Foot & Hand Warmers

these USB heating slippers and gloves will be perfect for anyone who always has cold hands and feet. It has built-in heating system and adjustable temprature modes all powered by USB to give you a cozy computer session.

SMOKO Yeti Heated Foot and Hand WarmersSMOKO Yeti Heated Foot and Hand Warmers

Mini Electric Sewing Machine

This electric sewing machine is a cool gadget to carry with you while travelling. Although it looks more like a stapler, it does a fine job of sewing fabric on the go, including denim. The mini sewing machine can be powered by both USB and 4 AA batteries.

USB Mini Electric Sewing MachineUSB Mini Electric Sewing Machine

Celestron USB Microscope

What is more geeky than having a portable USB-powered microscope in your backpack? This little USB powered microscope can zoom up to 150 x and it has a built-in 2MP camera to take pictures of your findings. There are 6 LED ring illuminators and the microscope works fine with both Windows and Mac OS X (however, limited support for OS X versions).

Celestron USB MicroscopeCelestron USB Microscope

USB Hub and Drink Warmer

It’s a combination of USB drink warmer and a USB hub with support for 4 USB 2.0 ports. Put your tea or coffee in it and it will stay warm for long time. The gadget can heat up drinks up to 60 °C which makes sure your drinks doesn’t get cold easily. It displays also shows time and current heating temperature.

USB Hub and Drink WarmerUSB Hub and Drink Warmer


Many of these crazy gadgets are actually very useful depending on your needs. I personally really liked Grinigh USB Heated Eye Mask and SMOKO Yeti Heated Foot and Hand Warmers and most probably going to order one soon. Which one of these weird USB gadgets you like? Share with us in the comments below.

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