15 May 2019,
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It’s no longer about just providing a product or service; the experience brands and businesses deliver to their consumers has become the epitome of what deems success today. And as businesses continue to evolve what their customer experience (CX) strategy should look like, they often look towards the experts for those answers. Enter in Gartner Customer Experience & Technologies Summit (Gartner CX).

Two days in London with exposure to over 20 Gartner experts, not to mention the plethora of sessions being offered – this Summit is looking to give attendees the methods and tools to execute their B2C and/or B2B CX strategy and increase loyalty.

This year’s agenda is offering four tracks of focus: building foundation, powering innovation, driving transformation and gaining trust. This event’s comprehensive coverage of those top four CX priorities for organizations will equip attendees with the know-how to move forward with a clear strategy and the tools to seek for delivering a seamless experience regardless of customer channel. 

No better teacher for practitioners than their peers – learning the best practices from the ones in the field succeeding and failing by trial and error. The sessions within the tracks at Gartner CX Summit provide great firsthand insights. One in particular we’re excited to attend features Swisscom and their Head of Architecture, Sven Friedli taking place on May 23. 

Friedli is set to walk attendees through how he and team transformed Swisscom’s business to provide the ultimate unified experience for customers. 

As Switzerland’s largest telecommunications agency, Swisscom had been running operations on a monolithic commerce platform for a long time. But, by the mid-2010s the outdated system had run its course and the lack of flexibility were negatively impacting Swisscom customer experiences and expectations. 

“In our BSS transformation we had to focus on new business needs. It does not make sense to replace an old technology by the new. This will never bring a positive business case. We had to focus on new business needs,” said Friedli. 

Swisscom was struggling to get new offerings to market fast and the overall customer experience was becoming fragmented; and with new channels and touchpoints coming into play, the company was in need of a flexible, decoupled commerce platform that would allow Swisscom marketers and experience managers to modernize the customer journey while keeping systems of record stable and reliable. 

“We wanted to introduce a headless commerce platform to focus on an experience which fulfilled the flexibility of our business needs; and we could offer the best experience to our customers,” stated Friedli. 

Since going headless, Swisscom has been able to roll out new digital experiences at record pace starting with inOne, a mobile, TV, and land-line bundle.

“I am happy to share our experience at the Gartner CX Summit to tell the participants how we attacked our transformation and what kind of issues we faced,” said Friedli.

Let us know if you’re attending the show, we’d love to hear about your own digital transformation.

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