4 May 2019,
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If you attended last year’s inaugural B2B Next Conference & Exhibition, then you’re most likely counting down the days until September 30th when Andy Hoar and team get you back to Chicago for more ecommerce expertise. 

What’s exciting about this year’s event is they’ve added a third day, doubled the number of speakers and increased their conference tracks to six. Another exciting aspect about this year’s event and what we’re really looking forward to, is that there will be four expert keynote speakers to headline the program. 

It was announced that former Netflix Chief Talent Officer, Patty McCord would present on change management. An area of focus most companies often overlook when undergoing their digital transformations. McCord will take attendees on a different path for creating a high-performance culture for B2B ecommerce success. 

On the path of tech and innovation, Doblin Group President Larry Keeley will discuss how bold innovation strategies and user experiences are essential in creating a sustainable competitive advantage in B2B ecommerce. 

Megan Burns, CEO, Experience Enterprise will discuss what’s required to achieve excellence in CX management and share lessons learned from years of helping companies build world-class CX programs. 

And, if you’re a fan of The Jason & Scot ecommerce podcast, you already know who Scot Wingo is. The ChannelAdviser co-founder will be keynoting on channel strategies – another critical area in the B2B digital transformation journey. Wingo will explain why B2B companies must become proficient at selling successfully through online marketplaces, on reseller and retailer websites, and through social networks. Attendees will walk out his keynote knowing how to minimize channel conflict by leveraging price, imagery, testimonials and additional content.

Hope to see you in Chicago in September!

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