28 June 2019,
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Andy Hoar is by far one of the world’s leading authorities on B2B ecommerce. From his years at Forrester Research leading the B2B ecommerce charge on business and strategy to his current role as CEO and Founder of ​​Paradigm B2B – Andy is the go-to guy for B2B organizations evaluating, considering or implementing solutions.

So when he releases a new research report, the market takes note.

Cue in the Paradigm B2B Combine reports – first-of-its-kind research about the leading B2B ecommerce solutions in both the Enterprise and Midmarket buying segments.

Andy and his Chicago-based consulting firm, Paradigm B2B, unveiled the brand-new methodology to assess B2B ecommerce solutions from the bottom up.

“The decision-making dynamic for commerce platform technologies today is too complex to capture in a single, two-dimensional graphic,” said Hoar, CEO of Paradigm B2B. “The purpose of the Paradigm B2B Combine is not to force-rank solutions, but rather to score the capabilities of certain offerings against objective criteria and enable buyers to see where individual solutions are relatively strong vs. weak.”

The research was designed to follow the rigorous assessment process that pro sports leagues use to evaluate prospective draft candidates. “I’m mirroring the Combine process to evaluate the capabilities and fit of B2B ecommerce solutions across critical performance areas,” said Hoar.

Paradigm’s Enterprise and Midmarket Combines are unique because they focus on how specific vendor products perform within key non-product and product categories, as opposed to how monolithic platforms perform overall. “That level of granularity is much-needed and much-desired by technology buyers who are analyzing how solutions fit an organization on multiple levels across the technology stack, within the ranks of leadership, and among partners,” said Hoar.

Source: Paradigm B2B

Andy established the criteria used in the Combines based on years of experience in the space and from recent interviews with senior B2B VPs of ecommerce and IT decision-makers, as well as ecommerce platform vendors. Not only is the research the only of its kind in B2B in 2019, but it provides clear information about how vendors price their offerings and how solutions perform in categories never before evaluated in the space, such as Customer Service & Support.

Paradigm B2B evaluated all vendors on a six-point scale across 36 detailed and weighted criteria. Medals were awarded based on composite scores in 10 distinct categories. Special weighting was given to the “voice of the customer” via market feedback that Paradigm B2B gathered directly from dozens of vendor partners and clients over the course of six months. “You really need to create a 360-degree view of the solution for buyers to see, which means getting out in the field and talking directly to customers and partners who are using the solution in the wild,” said Hoar. 

Several vendors that participated in the 2019 Combine evaluation are making the 50+ page Paradigm B2B Combine reports available for free as a digital download in conjunction with the opening of IRCE in Chicago this week. Other vendors are expected to post free-to-download copies of the Combine reports online in the weeks and months ahead.

To download a free copy of this disruptive new report visit one of these three vendors who were evaluated: MivaUnilog or Elastic Path.

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